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5.8 Linking performance and pay to strategies Copy

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Nik Shazana November 1, 2022

Why manage and develop performance?

We believe there is an essential link between performance and reward.  An effective performance development and management process should:

  • develop employees’ understanding of what needs to be achieved;
  • help them to improve organisational performance and
  • reward them on the basis of their contribution.

How Strategic Pay can assist:

We can help with your Performance Management system design, linking performance to pay, Remesys online performance management system, 360 degree surveys, training and communication around performance development systems ensuring managers and staff are engaged throughout the whole process.

Reap the rewards of good processes

What administration do I need?

To round out the remuneration policy and processes, it’s important to have the tools to manage your reward requirements and to communicate effectively with staff and managers.