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Welcome Message

Vinesh Nair August 6, 2021

Congratulations on choosing to embark on a qualification to further your development. On behalf of the SMR HR Group SdnBhd – a warm welcome to the CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practicecandidates.

The aim of this Handbook is to answer some of the more general questions that you may have on the Programme and to provide you with some basic information on the syllabus and assessment requirements. 

You will of course be provided with additional information during your induction session and will be supported by your tutors throughout the Programme. We hope that you enjoy your learning – the Programme has been designed with this in mind and caters for all types of learning styles. It has been designed specifically for the busy adult learner and will include lots of interactive learning – your participation and involvement is an essential part of the programme as you will find that a huge amount of your learning will be from the experiences of others in the group.

Although we will create a relaxed environment, your commitment to hard work will be critical if you are to derive as much benefit from it as possible.  For our part, we as a tutor team will endeavour to make the course a stimulating and rewarding experience both academically and socially.We are committed to providing you with an excellent learning experience throughout your time with us. 

We really look forward to working with you till you obtain your certification and thereafter as your partner in professional development. Please do ensure that if you have any problems or concerns during the course of your studies that you contact us as we will do our utmost to support you. 

All the best!