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Vinesh Nair June 25, 2020

***** Read Me *****

Participants using their smart mobile devices to access this session are encouraged to download the Zoom application. Click your mobile type to download Zoom now (Android) (iOS). Once you have downloaded and installed, click “Join via Zoom App” button below. (Button will appear 15 minutes before session starts)


Participants using laptops/desktops (Windows/Macbook) please insert your name below and click login. If you are unable to access the Zoom integration below, click here to view the virtual classroom in a new tab. Please click on “join from your browser” option.

Session will commence at 5:00pm (Malaysia Standard Time).


[zoom_api_link meeting_id=”89705411333″ class=”zoom-meeting-window” id=”zoom-meeting-window” title=”” countdown-title=”Session starts in” width=”” height=””]