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Project recovery

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Somewhere between the need for minor corrective action to maintain a project on course, and total abandonment, there will occasionally be the need for substantive action to be taken to recover a project that is showing early signs of distress. The following steps can be established to achieve project recovery, so that project value can be maintained, project team morale protected, and stakeholder support for the project maintained:

  • recovery intervention – establishing the need for, and timing of intervention,
  • recovery assessment – identification of which project controls are in place causes for poor performance,
  • recovery recommendation – establish recommended actions with success criteria, ownership and due dates,
  • recovery planning – define the road map and focus for recovery planning efforts,
  • recovery execution – completion of all defined recovery steps, and
  • recovery closure – re-establish normal procedures and operations.

It is quite clear that these steps are closely aligned with the steps previously identified for all phases of project management.