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Case Study

Lakshmi Datti April 25, 2022

Article 1: An integrative review of sensory Krishna, A. (2016). An integrative review of sensory marketing: Engaging the senses to affect perception, judgment and behaviour.

Journal of Consumer Psychology 22, 332–51

  1. Sensory marketing has been defined as “marketing that engages the consumers’ senses and affects their perception, judgment and behaviour.” Based on the above statement, discuss the implications of the five senses in marketing.
  2. Give examples and elaborate how company use sensory marketing to affect the consumer behaviour.

Article 2: Business article review:

Read the article: Customer loyalty and retention are in decline (Hyken., 2019)

Based on this article address the following questions:

1. What are the key factors influencing customer retention?

2. What are the impacts of decline in loyalty and retention?

3. What are the possible solutions to increase customer loyalty and lead to high retention rate?