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7.1 Structuring the Firm to Promote Strategy Copy

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Nik Shazana November 1, 2022

Many organizations fail to achieve their desired growth targets in revenue and profitability.

Most businesses fall short of achieving their growth objectives for revenue and profitability. In fact, studies report success rates as low as 20%. Why is growth so elusive?

Based on our research and experience, there are two major reasons:

  • Inadequate consideration of opportunities within the core business, adjacent to the core business or within new customer sub-segments.
  • An organizational infrastructure that cannot support successful execution.

However, managers can do certain things to improve the chances for success. This article will describe one such thing managers can do, namely build a systematic framework composed of three strategies for growth and three key elements for successful execution. This also explains on how the three strategies and three key elements increase the probability for success.

Self-Check Activity

1. Define cost benefit analysis?

2.  Discuss the evaluation of cost analysis?