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5.3 Management Issues to Strategy Implementation Copy

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Nik Shazana November 1, 2022
  • Establish annual objectives
  • Devise policies
  • Allocate resources
  • Alter an existing organizational structure
  • Restructure and reengineer
  • Revise reward and incentive plans
  • Minimize resistance to change
  • Match managers with strategy
  • Develop a strategy-supportive culture
  • Adapt production/operations processes
  • Develop an effective human resources function
  • Downsize and furlough as needed
  • Link performance and pay to strategies

Management changes are necessarily more extensive when strategies to be implemented move a firm in a major new direction. Managers and employees throughout an organization should participate early and directly in strategy-implementation decisions. Their role in strategy implementation should build upon prior involvement in strategy-formulation activities. Strategists’ genuine personal commitment to implementation is a necessary and powerful motivational force for managers and employees. Too often, strategists are too busy to actively support strategy implementation efforts, and their lack of interest can be detrimental to organizational success. The rationale for objectives and strategies should be understood and clearly communicated throughout an organization. A company will be successful only when the strategy formulation is sound and implementation is excellent. Thus organizational success is a function of good strategy and proper implementation. The implementation of organization strategy involves the application of the management process to obtain the desired results. Particularly, strategy implementation includes designing the organization’s structure, allocating resources, developing information and decision process, and managing human resources, including such areas as the reward system, approaches to leadership, and creating strong fits between strategy and how organization does things. Implementing strategy is tougher and more time-consuming challenge than formulating strategy