Mobile technologies in education?

Today the tablet market is in decline, replaced by hybrid solutions such as tablet computers. According to research firm IDC4, sales of tablets have decreased from 10.1% in 2015, with 206.8 million units sold worldwide while the smartphone market is still growing (+10, 1% in 2015 for a volume of 1.426 billion units).

A study5 was recently conducted over 3 years at the University of Central Florida (UCF) with 1181 students on the use of mobile technologies for educational purposes. According to preliminary figures from the study, 95% of students own a smartphone and 57% a tablet.

An interesting comparison: undergraduates have more smartphones than graduates, and they themselves have more tablets (68%) than undergraduate (55%). A trend that is confirmed when they’re asked which medium they prefer for learning: younger prefer the smartphone while others favor the tablet. On average, if smartphone use for educational purposes increased (+ 19% in 3 years), the use of the tablet has rather decreased (-3%).

Source: GT

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