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Working Virtually, Coaching & Inspiring People to Drive Performance Copy

SMR HR Group May 27, 2020
Speaker: Mr. Subramanian Amamalay, Director, SMR HR Group

Mr. Subramanian Amamalay (A. Subra), Malaysian, is the Director, of SMR HR Group and Head of Global Business, Minda Global Berhad. He is passionate about helping people learn and perform at workplace.


Virtual working is now a reality for most professionals, and the winners of tomorrow will be companies that proactively drive the performance of their virtual cooperation. Virtual leadership, project management at a distance, and networking are today’s and tomorrow’s critical success
factors. We all had some experience in managing some team members remotely. With current lockdown are we prepared and ready to manage a workforce in which majority are working remotely.

Key Points

  • Survey Findings – working virtually
  • Moving Forward
  • GROW Model
  • Critical Skills

Take Away

  • Business Rules
  • People centric rather than office centric
  • Grow model to guide staff
  • Constant touch base

Question and Answer

Q: How to inspire people when we cannot do that during face to face contact?

A: A friendly call on health and welfare. Not necessarily related to work.