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Week 8: Future Trends, Privacy and Managerial Consideration in Analytics.

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This chapter introduces several emerging technologies that are likely to have major impacts on the development and use of business intelligence (BI) applications. In a dynamic area such as analytics, the terms also evolve and overlap. As noted earlier, we can refer to these technologies as BI, analytics, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive computing, Big Data, or by several other labels. Our goal is not to focus on subtle differences among each, but to look at the collection as one big constellation. We focus on some trends that have already been realized and others that are about to impact analytics further. Using a crystal ball is always a risky proposition, but this chapter provides an analysis of some growing areas. We introduce and explain some emerging technologies and explore their current applications. We then discuss the organizational, personal, legal, ethical, and societal impacts of analytical support systems and issues that should be of importance to managers and professionals in analytics.