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Week 10: The Managerial Behaviour and Effectiveness

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By the end of this topic, you should be able to:

  • Discuss the various factors impacting the behavior of individuals in the organizational setting
  • Evaluate how effective delegation occurs in the organizational setting
  • Differentiate between groups and teams in the workplace and explain how groups can be developed into effective teams
  • Explain the process by which managers identify and select competent employees


As essential ingredient of any successful manager is the ability to handle people effectively. People respond according to the manner in which they are treated. The Behaviour of managers and their style of management will influence the effort expended and level of performance achieved by subordinate staff.

The majority of people come to work with original attitude of being eager to do a good job and desirous of performing well and to the best of their abilities. Where actual performance fails to match the ideal, this is largely a result of how staff perceive they are treated by the management. There is, therefore, a heavy responsibility on managers and on the style and system of management adopted.