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Week 1 : The Nature of Organizational Behavior

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Learning Outcome

By the end of this topic, you should be able to:

  • Explain the concept of organizational behavior and its characteristics.
  • Discuss the practical approach of organizational behavior.
  • Critically analyze the critical elements of organizational behavior.


Organizations are places where people of different culture, race, ethnicity and geographical areas work together. Organisational behaviour is generally confused with organisational theory, organisational psychology, and human resource management. Organisational psychology restricts itself to psychological factors only whereas organisational behaviour considers and combines all the branches of study e.g. Science, technology, economics, anthropology, psychology and so on and so forth.

Organisational behaviour is the basis of human resource management and development. The former is concept oriented whereas the latter is concerned with the technology of human development. The variables influencing human development are scientifically studied under organisational behaviour. Human resource management, is activated, directed and channelized by the application of the knowledge of organisational behaviour which has become a field of study, research and application for the development of human resources and the organisation as a whole. Thus, we can say that all these terms are interrelated but not synonymous with each other