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Your attitude is projected through your voice as well as your body language. Make sure your body language always says, “I am here to help as best I can.”

When your voice is annoyed, impatient, or condescending, the other person may become angered or angrier. Speak with a calm, firm, caring, soothing tone. Your communications will be more relaxed, more pleasant, and better understood.

The speed and rhythm of your speech is important as well. Clear communication includes appropriate pauses and inflections to support the words being said.

Here are some tips:

  • As people talk to you, say to yourself: “Which means that…”
  • Be clear in your own mind what you hope to achieve.
  • When dealing with problems, take the lead in conversations wherever possible. This gives you the psychological advantage, putting you in a stronger position to direct the conversation along lines that are favorable to you.
  • Check your understanding with your six helpers: why, what, where, when, who, and how.
  • Talk less than you listen.
  • Try silence.