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Staying Productive During The Mco Copy

SMR HR Group May 27, 2020
Speaker: Tan Sri Dato’ Dr R.Palan (Pro-Chancellor, University of Cyberjaya)

He is a Malaysian entrepreneur in the education and technology space. The Pro Chancellor of the
University of Cyberjaya is also a passionate educator. He studied at the Harvard Business School and
completed his PhD Education at the Federation University, Ballarat, Australia.


With the coronavirus outbreak, many countries have taken proactive measures to quarantine their
citizens for safety and health purposes. And due to that, most of us are working from home
(WFM) instead of being involved in our daily usual office routine. WFH is nice but it can really throw
us off of our rhythm. Here are a few tips that we think would help you maintain your productivity
and adjust your working life during this challenging time.

Two Questions

  1. What do you want to be now?
  2. Who do you want to be when this crisis is over?

Key Points – Staying Productive

  • Set up a productive routine
  • Be accountable for your time
  • Be flexible and Adaptable
  • Share
  • Review accomplishments

Take Away

  • Maintain a systematic routine
  • Plan your Work and Work your Plan

Questions and Answers

Q: How do we overcome lack of freedom during the lockdown?

A: Find space or opportunities to do things that give some freedom

Q: How to manage multiple chores – work and family needs?

A : Learn to adjust to new demands and set routines