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Presentation Guidelines

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UoC June 29, 2020

Guidelines for Presentations

The article “The Four Things a Service Business Must Get Right” could be helpful as you are working on your presentations.

Identify Compelling Market Pains. It is often helpful to illustrate a customer pain with an anecdote or a customer saying something rather than reams of data. Try to make it compelling.

Explore Possible Solutions

New products or services

Ways to enhance performance for a current business at AirAsia

Pick one solution that you would like to present (you should not talk about the solutions you did not pick)

If suggesting a new product or service, you should consider:
Market Characteristics

  • Favorable Regulatory & Societal/Demographic Trends; Attractive Market
  • Clear Customer Need & Customer Able and Willing to Pay. Do you have a “funding model?”

Industry Characteristics

  • Favorable Competitive Dynamics. Recall that even an excellent performer like Danaher looks for industries with suitable characteristics and avoids excellent operators like Toyota and Microsoft
  • Available Suppliers & Partners


  • Access to Capabilities and Capacity to Execute; Able to Become Best-in- Class
  • Ability to Implement
  • Be realistic about your organization’s capabilities.

Financial Model

  • What is the financial model? What are your growth plans?

Team and Employee Management System

  • Team has Access to the Experience & Expertise Needed
  • Level of Passion & Commitment
  • Do you have the right people? The right training? The right rewards and motivation?

Customer Management System

  • Can you attract and retain the right set of customers?

If you are choosing to improve a part of your business, you should consider:

  • Describe the specific improvement opportunity. What metrics can you use to illustrate the improvement opportunity (i.e., “the problem”) and track your progress during this project?
  • What is the root cause of this problem? How do you plan to address the root cause?
  • Describe your proposed solution as vividly as possible
  • You might want to review the “Policy Deployment” framework in the Danaher case to see how you can create a plan for addressing the problem.

*Pick a target 12-24 months out.* Convert to monthly targets*How will you track progress and take corrective action?

  • Do you have the resources (people, technology, etc.) to implement your changes? How do you plan to get the necessary resources?
  • Team and Employee Management System

*Team has Access to the Experience & Expertise Needed*Level of Passion & Commitment*Do you have the right people? The right training? The right rewards and motivation?*How will your proposal affect employees?

  • Customer Management System

*Can you attract and retain the right set of customers?*How will your proposed change affect customers?