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lakshmi May 13, 2021

Problem solving is like many things in that it can be made simpler when there are some guidelines or a model to help us with the process. Whichever model you use, be sure to apply some flexibility and adaptability to make the most of it.

In this module, you’ll learn a multi-step problem solving model and start getting used to the phases that it incorporates.

Whenever you read a book on problem-solving, this model, in some form or other, is sure to be there. It may have six steps rather than seven, or it may have five steps. However, the model doesn’t really change…just the authors’ ways of breaking it down.

As you work your way from problem to solution, you are actually shifting your focus.

  • When you define a problem, you ask yourself: What is my problem?
  • As you try to analyze the root causes you ask: Why is it a problem?
  • When you are generating options, you ask yourself: What are some ways I can solve my problem?

Source: Teach for Life