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Managing Supply Chain during Crises

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UoC June 29, 2020

This session will challenge participants to identify ways in which operations and supply chain can be designed to deal with “black swan” (i.e., low likelihood, high consequence) events. What can we learn from companies that managed (or failed to manage) well their supply chain’s response to a crisis. We will use case examples from Nokia, Nissan, Ford and Airbus during this discussion. There is no pre- reading for this session.
Please consider the following questions before this session:

  1. How can companies read warning signals for early detection of a crisis? Sometimes, a handful
    of people see the crisis but are unable to convince other people to act. What can people who
    spot crises do to warn others?
  2. How can an organization react to the crisis in real time? There usually is opportunity in every
    crisis. How have you tried to find opportunity in this crisis?
  3. In future, how can you plan your operations better for a crisis?
  4. What is the role of leadership and trust during a crisis? Supply chains do not work without
    trust.  How can leaders help organizations, supply chains, and communities navigate crises?
  5. Do you see opportunities for Air Asia to innovate during the current crisis?