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Interactive Lecture on Supply Chain Management

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UoC June 29, 2020

This session will review multiple key concepts from supply chain management. What makes it hard to coordinate in a supply chain? What is the role of trust in supply chain management? How do misaligned incentives complicate supply chain coordination? How do product characteristics complicate supply chain management? How can technology, analysis and algorithms help in managing supply chains? This interactive lecture will draw significantly from my 2010 book, “The New Science of Retailing” and will examine how data, analytics, and improved decision making can improve performance.

There is no required reading for this session. The following articles are optional and can give you a sense of challenges and opportunities in supply chains.

  • Rocket Science Retailing is Almost Here. Are you Ready? (R00404)

Click here to download pdf

  • Triple-A Supply Chain (HBR OnPoint Enhanced Edition) (8096)

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