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How to Feel Powerful in Your Position

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Project Positive Expectations

If you are going to say…Try instead…
I will have toI will be glad to
I will tryI will
I would hate toI want to
I cannotI have not yet, and I can
If you canWhen will you
This is a terrible problemThis is a challenging opportunity
I am never any good at …I am improving at….
I will spend time/moneyI will invest time and money
That is impossibleThat can be done

Give Credit Where It Is Due

If you are going to say…Try instead…
I really just got luckyI planned well and worked hard
I have never done this beforeThis is an opportunity to learn
I am getting too oldI feel good. I have lots of experience.
They did a good jobYou did a good job!

Rebound from Failure

If you are going to say…Try instead…
I failedI learned
I can see negative consequencesI can see positive consequences
I am a loserI am a winner

Accept Responsibility

If you are going to say…Try instead…
They make me so madI feel mad when
I do not have enough timeI can manage my time
It is the other guy’s faultIt is my responsibility
Someone else will do itI will take care of it myself
I cannot change thingsI choose to make the best of what is