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goals and targets

SMR HR Group April 12, 2021

Most of us cannot hit a target if we cannot see it. Before you can develop plans, you have to know what you want to accomplish (your goals or targets); how you want to achieve those goals or targets, what resources of time, money, and materials you have, and who will carry out the implementation. So set some targets for yourself that you can see, and we will start the journey to reach them.

Many of us are full of ideas but short on taking constructive action to put those ideas into play. Maybe we try something once and then meet failure because we did not think and plan the effect. But you know what they say about the lottery: “you cannot win if you do not buy a ticket.” Well, the same is true in life: if you stop trying, you lose all chance of succeeding. Making a pact with yourself that you will make an effort to put into practice the things we talk about today that will be of the most benefit to YOU. And to make that pact even more of a commitment, share it with a colleague, your spouse, or your supervisor so they can help you achieve your goal.