Currency in-game erased out of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

  • Currency in-game erased out of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

    Posted by lan anqi on March 7, 2023 at 2:06 pm

    Some of these players will work for you from starting out, but some are an investment, as buying them today for effectively pennies means you could sell them afterward for some big money, or use them as your club’s hero for the rest of your life. You’ll certainly want to employ the most effective formations and customized tactics alongside these bargains in FIFA 23, in order to reap the maximum benefit of them.

    FIFA 23 Hero Pack mistake sees EA erase millions of coins off the virtual transfer market An error in the release of the FIFA 23 Hero Pack which was mistakenly released by EA has seen players lose hundreds of millions coins worth of currency in-game erased out of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

    This pack was briefly available from 6 PM BST last night, gave players the option of trading a FUT Hero item in FIFA 23 and some of them have the potential to be worth millions coins and around 25,000 coins.

    While EA rectified the error around 25 minutes after the release of the pack, it did not stop the millions of coins in value from being removed out of FIFA Ultimate Team in the event that players were forced to sell the FUT Hero items in a out of panic due to the massive supply.

    FUT Hero items are extremely rare players than can be found in certain packs in Ultimate Team. FUT Hero cards are awarded to players who have contributed significantly to any club or have become popular, such as ex- Manchester United midfielder Park Ji-Sung.

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