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  • Vinesh Nair

    February 1, 2021 at 12:33 pm

    Dear Professor and Fellow Classmates,

    I am Phuong Dinh (Dean), currently living and working in Vietnam. After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies, I went on to work abroad in the UK and US for 2 years before heading back to Vietnam and started working in the studying abroad consultancy industry. I am now the Regional Manager at Adventus.io, a SaaS-based marketplace that enables institutions and recruitment agents to find and transact with each other. It is an Australia-based company with 14 offices globally. I believe pursuing an MBA will enable me to go further in any industry that I might choose to be in the future as an entrepreneur.
    I am glad that we get to share the same class together this time around. Let’s do it!

    Dean Phuong Dinh