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    June 17, 2020 at 4:59 pm

    An example of SWOT Analysis found prior to my research is from the company called twitter which we all know is a social media platform that is popular today.

    Strenghts: Large Audience

    Twitter’s number of Active Monthly users is now past 330 millions. This is a sign of the popularity of the social media brand. At the beginning of 2016, this number stood at 310 million. The online audience has grown fast in the recent years and that has added to the user base of the social media networks. Proliferation of the Information technology and computing industry has led to growth in the influence of social media. Apart from the millenial users, social media sites like Twitter have an attractively large base of Baby boomer users.

    Weaknesses: Low Revenue & Profits

    The revenue and profits of twitter have remained much lower as compared to Facebook. The social media network has still not been able to generate any profits. The brand has lost billions since its launch. The revenue of Twitter in 2017 was 2.4 Billion dollars. However, its net loss was still 108 million dollars. Net loss of the social media network has kept reducing during the past three years and one can expect Twitter to start running profitably in some years based on hate recent trend.

    Opportunities: Targeting new user groups

    <div><div id=”google_ads_iframe_/1254144/notesmatic_com-medrectangle-4_0__container__”>Twitter can target new user groups to grow its user base. It is primarily used by the GenXers, Millenials and the Generation Z. However, Twitter can also target baby boomers and other segments that do not still use social media much through new marketing and targeting techniques.


    Threats: Competitive threat

    The world of social media has grown highly competitive. Apart from Facebook, the other social media channels are also creating heavy pressure on Twitter. The result is that the social media brand has to invest heavily in marketing as well as research and innovation. Competitive pressure is high and that is resulting in pressures related to user acquisition as well.