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  • SITI ATIKAH BINTI [email protected]

    September 22, 2022 at 1:51 pm

    Staffing, training, compensation and performance management are important functions of human resorces, if carried out effectively the success of an organisation becomes imminent. The staffing of an organization is a central part of human resource management and its functions.

    Staffing an organization is a the foundation of human resources capabilities. However, more managers and supervisors are now taking initiative and are becoming more acquainted with the basic procedures that involved recruitment and selection of staff. With technological advances on the spotlight, organisations must be knowledgeable of technological solutions in order to stand in the competitive market. The methods of staffing today are regularly executed through the processes of e- business. Job posting is an internal recruitment method, whereby the organization notifies its employees of openings, this procedure can be done via internet. By the internet it meeting the global challenge in using the technology. However, this challenges actually bring more benefit to the organization.

    While for high performance, In order for an organization to achieve high competency levels and a competitive advantage through high performance work systems, the organization must first of all, invest in sufficient hands-on training to equip their staff force. In doing that, they would be able to identify the talents of their workforce and the areas of strength to later fit them into suitable roles. The organization must also maintain this through constant improvement process through incorporating technological standards. Continuous improvement in culture must be constantly maintained.

    In order to sustain long-term success companies must recruit and select highly skilled employees—organizations need good people.Employees need to be trained on company policy and procedures, learn the organization and work tasks, and be developed for future advancement.Employees must be motivated, encouraged, valued for the performance of their work, and must be adequately compensated. So it will be resulted to sustained the challenges in the new global technology.