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  • Siti Zaidah Binti Abdullah

    February 25, 2022 at 11:50 am

    Video interviews are helpful and useful because the recruitment managers have candidates record answers to questions. Those videos can be shared with other recruitment officers to assess their suitability or reconsider them to revive their reminiscence when selecting final contenders. Video interview allows people to be more relaxed for an interview because they are at their homes, and they have to answer all the questions according to their stride. Also, they achieve appreciated highlights into how interviews work and what the employers want, so they will be less anxious the second time everywhere, even if the interview takes place physically. (Dundon, 2018). If Im the one who evaluate the interviewer, I’d investigate how the interviewer conducts the interview and how the interviewer represents the company .Whether the interviewer is asking the right questions to gather the correct information from the candidate, how the questions are asked, and how the interviewer reviewed the candidate’s performance during recruitment process as to identify the best candidate.