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  • Siti Zaidah Binti Abdullah

    February 24, 2022 at 11:28 am

    The examples of Human Resource practices that were consistent with the organizational strategy of my company were planning, administration, and management of the Human Resource Department. For instance, every year the Management conduct the motivational programs for the staffs according to the department align with company’s objectives and mission. Upon the programs, there was a measurement of influences of the programs. Besides, the HR programs usually been part of the company’s annual activities such as training and development program, future leadership or talent development really give impact to the employees and Management as whole. The impactful and improvement can be seen through current performance assessments and the quality of the working environment. During working from home time , the Management give the flexibility to work everywhere as long we can deliver the job.

    Nevertheless, the practices that inconsistent with its strategy was in term of benefits for employees including workers negotiation and their development opportunities. It takes quite long time to get promoted or career progress even that employees perform very well. This could lead to dissatisfaction among workers therefore the company may difficult to ensure employee retention.