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  • Nurul Ajlaa Ridzuan

    February 14, 2022 at 6:36 am

    In my opinion, video-recorded interviews might especially come in hand in evaluating the interviewer in the case of post-interview, when the applicant already got the offer to the job. When considering to accept or reject the offer, the applicant may replay the recorded video for reference. For me, whenever during an interview, I would most of the time look into the interviewers’ voice tone, facial expression and body language to assess the level of interest they have in me and my opinions whenever I speak up. In assessing an interviewer, I would assume that the interviewers are the potential people, or representation of people who I’m going to work with. Thus, I would like to work people with professionalism, respectful manner, and have no unnecessary judgement over people. Hence, through video interview, although I might not be able to look at the whole-body language, the interviewers’ voice tone and facial expressions are still viewable. Secondly, I would also look into how the interviewers conduct and carryout the interview process, the expectations they have on the candidates through questions asked, and how they represent and explain on the organization’s value or objectives. These are all important for me in assessing the professionalism and the corporate culture exist within the company.