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  • Nurul Ajlaa Ridzuan

    February 14, 2022 at 6:00 am

    Internal recruitment is when a business or organization intends to fill a vacancy from within its existing workforce while external recruitment on the other hand is when an organization looks to fill vacancies from applicants outside of the company. Both of these methods are not mutually exclusive and could be used at the same time. For internal recruitment, it is cheaper and faster to recruit staff internally as it leverages existing employees. It also promotes loyalty and can even improve employee’s motivation as it serves as a recognition or reward for existing employees. Time and cost on training can also be saved under internal recruitment as the internal applicant will have more knowledge of the organization and culture. It also contributes to increase in employee retention, thus reducing employee turnover.

    External recruitment on the other hand cast a wider net to recruit the best workers with the most suitable skills while bringing in some new ideas or innovation, or new ways of doing things which can potentially contribute to level up the value within the organization. Relying solely on internal hiring could cause a miss in terms of the opportunity to hire people with new skills and ideas. With external recruitment there will be higher chance to recruit experienced and qualified candidates. However, at the end of the day, company will use both methods interchangeably according to what suits the requirements. When recruiting for a new position, recruiters must evaluate the needs of the company, the costs associated, and the benefits involved. These considerations will determine whether to recruit candidates internally or externally or both.