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  • Siti Hamizah Mohammad

    February 13, 2022 at 10:16 pm

    After completing this test, I found out that i am an Artisan. The key characteristics are optimistic, daring, adaptable, excited, impulsive, enticing, playful, tactical and persuasive. I however, thought that some of these characteristics do not define who i am. But I am interested to find out if i can be some of the characteristics listed, and what would i need to do to be one.

    If this is to be used for employee development, i think it can be a good tool for managers to devise an improvement plan for their subordinates, and it would be useful for the managers and leaders to understand and exploit these traits of the employees to a good use, and devising a better plan to handle their team.

    The disadvantage is, there is no human touch in this test, and sometimes the question are too “general” that we just pick on impulse rather than carefully weighing the selections. Hence, in some ways, the tool might not be very accurate. Sometimes, observation can deduce a better conclusion.