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  • Vigneswary Ponniah

    February 2, 2022 at 12:53 pm

    Sampling in market research is of two types:

    i.Probability sampling- Sampling technique where a researcher sets a selection of a few criteria and chooses members of a population randomly. All the members have an equal opportunity to be a part of the sample with this selection parameter.

    ii. non-probability sampling- In non-probability sampling, the researcher chooses members for research at random. This sampling method is not a fixed or predefined selection process. This makes it difficult for all elements of a population to have equal opportunities to be included in a sample.

    The most suitable sampling for my study which is related to IT employees would be convenience sampling.

    Convenience sampling: It is usually termed as convenience sampling, because of the researcher’s ease of carrying it out and getting in touch with the subjects. Researchers have nearly no authority to select the sample elements, and it’s purely done based on proximity and not representativeness. This non-probability sampling method is used when there are time and cost limitations in collecting feedback. In situations where there are resource limitations such as the initial stages of research, convenience sampling is used.

    The advantage of non-probability sampling techniques used are:

    Create a hypothesis: Researchers use the non-probability sampling method to create an assumption when limited to no prior information is available. This method helps with the immediate return of data and builds a base for further research.

    Exploratory research: Researchers use this sampling technique widely when conducting qualitative research, pilot studies, or exploratory research.

    Budget and time constraints: The non-probability method when there are budget and time constraints, and some preliminary data must be collected. Since the survey design is not rigid, it is easier to pick respondents at random and have them take the survey or questionnaire.