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  • Siti Zaidah Binti Abdullah

    January 31, 2022 at 11:02 pm

    Briefly explain the role of Theory in research?

    Any research project needs a theory to help them figure out where to go and whether or not a phenomenon is true or false. Theoretical foundations help us understand how things work and why we do certain things (Venable, 2006). Theoretical frameworks are used in research to make complicated topics easier to understand by focusing on two things: the research question and the reason for looking into the question (Venable, 2006).

    When you write a research paper, you need to think about how you’re going to do it. It should be in the first part of all dissertations. When a theory is put together, it is put together in a way that shows or tells you what research problem it solves. It shows that you know about theories and concepts that are relevant to the subject of your research. It also covers the wide range of knowledge that is being looked at. The theory’s assumptions are made clear so that its readers can think about them. It connects the researcher to the rest of the world’s knowledge by guiding them through relevant theories as well as by giving them the basis for their hypotheses and the research methods they choose. A theory helps researchers think about all the different parts of a phenomenon in general instead of just describing it. It also helps them figure out where the boundaries are. It lays out the main factors that affect a phenomenon of interest and says that it’s important to look at them in different situations to see how they might change. It narrows the scope of the data that is important by focusing on a single variable, and it also tells the researcher how to look at and interpret the data they will collect. Validating and questioning theoretical assumptions helps people understand concepts and variables as they are defined and helps them learn new things as well. How and why can be answered by outlining the theoretical assumptions of a study. The theoretical framework is important to all research because it helps to clarify the implicit theory in a way that is more clear. Researchers may also be able to think about their own limitations and other theories that don’t agree with them. Everyone who is in charge of a project in the academic world checks this first. With the right theoretical framework, they can better understand the research question