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  • Lim Yeat Fong

    January 31, 2022 at 9:30 am

    Video-recording applicants in interviews is becoming an increasingly popular means of getting multiple assessments of that individual from different perspectives.

    Can you think of some reasons why video-recording interviews might also be useful in evaluating the interviewer? What would you look for in an interviewer if you were evaluating one on video?

    Including my company, Video interviewing has become a major part of the talent acquisition process for many companies. 😇

    I make our company interview process become more systematic, break into 3 step:
    1) Resume/CV via email
    2) Pre-recorded Video interview, introduce about themselves (2 minutes)
    3) Zoom Live interview (with recording), will conducted by my HOD, but for some important position, I’ll handle the interview.

    Video interviewing allows us to complete interviews faster than traditional methods, meaning it won’t take as long for the right person to get hired. With the recording, I can ensure that the interview carry on in proper manner because I can watch back how my HOD interview the candidates, although they always perform the interview with some standard questions plus some open questions by their own, the recording still good for them to “revision” on what kind of questions they have asked. 😇

    The candidate and my HOD can save time by interviewing remotely. Besides, it allow us to arrange more candidates and more flexible. Although sometime the interview will affected by technical issue like slow connection, and We (interviewer) can’t observe the candidates, but interview via Zoom Live still got more pros over cons. My solution to these is for the critical position, I’ll have step 4 which is ask qualified candidate to come over to have face-to-face interview.