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  • Vigneswary Ponniah

    January 30, 2022 at 8:31 pm

    Think of the last time you had a conflict with another person, either at work or at university. Using the guidelines for performance feedback, how would you provide effective performance feedback to that person? Each of you can share your own experience ya.

    I am always amazed by the way my team lead handles our team though he is also holding some other major responsibilities in the company. Since the day he has taken over my team, we would have a weekly meeting with the rest of the team members to understand the workloads and also discuss be it work related or non-work related affairs.
    One of my colleague has a tendency to attend to an issue voiced out by the clients without proper investigation on the matter. Most of the time, some resolutions has been overly rated which can be solved with small adjustments. This has caused a conflict between us as a senior , I was hold into accountability. Therefore, I talked about this matter to my lead which then I decided to talk to my colleague directly. We headed out for lunch and then while chit chatting of other issues, I talked to her on the issues happening .First I used positive comments on the work done and without pointing the blame on her as it will inappropriate. Instead of asking her to stop doing it ,I used my experiences to handle those task which she can used as a guide. Besides that, I was trying not to be assertive while also being open to her part of task handling as well. The session was indeed fruitful as we became better friends and colleagues after that. I no longer step back to provide suggestions and she receives it well from her side too. I even included her in most of my project teams as it was easier to communicate