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  • Nur Aina Azizan

    January 26, 2022 at 11:54 pm

    The main objective of macro-economic are economic growth, inflation and unemployment, government borrowing. When the economic meltdown, macroeconomic variables may impact on business decision-making environment. Macroeconomic can maintain macro equilibrium of the economy.

    The indicators that we need to look at are leading indicators and lagging indicators. Macroeconomic indicators are statistics or data readings that represent a nation, region, or sector’s economic situation. It was used by analysts and government to assess current economic and financial market health.

    Leading indicators forecast on where economy might be heading. This often used by government to implement policies. These indicators include yield curve, interest rate, and share prices.
    Lagging indicators used to confirm a trend underway. It reflects economy’s historical performance and change after trend has been established. These include gross domestic product (GDP), inflation and employment figures.