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  • Shasha Kummar

    January 8, 2022 at 7:15 pm

    As the lead consultant for Workplace Solutions Consulting, I have to recommend changes to the management to realize a better organization even though they may be quite disruptive in the end. Good data collection exercise starts from looking at the objectives and prioritizing, finding and presenting relevant data, drawing conclusions from the data, planning strategy and finally measuring success and then repeating the process (Hancock et al., 2021). If the company needs to make decisions again, they can base them on their data. It’s a technique a company needs to increase its growth rate, fight competitors and acquire loyal customers.

    I would implement the centralization of finance and human resource by recommending that the company’s management takes control of all the decisions on matters facing the company. A centralized HR will then become responsible for managing all problems related to it, such as recruitment, selection, payroll management, control over operations (Nurkholis et al., 2020). I will engage the HR employees with managers from different departments, managers, supervisors and other workers to ensure quality services and reduction in processing time. In the finance department, I would recommend that the management collect information about the company’s resources from the data collected by the department, execute book building and record-keeping, budgeting and planning and implement a good monitoring system. Even while recommending the centralization of finance and HR, the company will assign their employees specific roles, transfer them to other departments or conduct performance appraisals and promote them. The recommendations will be to ensure that no employee loses his job.

    In the decentralization of product departments, I will ensure that the company’s top management will delegate decision-making responsibilities to the departmental heads. I would break up teams, recommend leadership positions, reform new teams, and create decentralized reporting authorities, implemented through establishing company values, involving employees, prioritizing employee training, encouraging growth, and developing a culture of teamwork.

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