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  • Nurul Ajlaa Ridzuan

    January 8, 2022 at 9:37 am

    For me, the CEO is definitely the one with preferred leadership style and that I would work best with. From the traits described, the CEO is a transformational leader who is able to motivate and inspire his employees and to direct positive changes within individual. Being emotionally intelligent, thoughtful, and enthusiastic, the CEO’s words reflected that he does not only committed to achieve the organization goals, but also to committed to help his organization’s members to fulfill their potentials. Working with such leader would provide high motivation to myself in developing and enhancing my skills as well as to explore my potentials for career advancement. Such leader also gives autonomy to his employees to perform job which would give me sense of trust by high level manager, thus provide confidence and in work participations.

    For company with routine and unskilled job functions, best leadership style would be transactional leadership where the leader or manager would focus mainly on performance and completion of tasks. As the job functions within the company does not require many skills and fixed to routine work, not much creativity and participation in decision making needed, thus transactional leader would be the best to defined roles and goals. Transactional leader also helps to facilitate the achievement of goals, and a clearly defined structure.

    For company with dangerous job functions (toxic waste handling or heavy equipment operation), bureaucratic leadership style would be best suited to ensure that the members or employees stick to follow the rules and procedures precisely as written. As The bureaucratic style focuses on fixed duties within where each employee has a set list of responsibilities, and there is little to no need for collaboration and creativity, leaders or manager with these traits able to control the employees action in handling dangerous job functions or tasks by strictly follows the procedures. Hence, able to avoid or reduce the risk of accidents at workplace.

    For a company preparing to disrupt an existing market with ground-breaking technology, leader or managers with visionary leadership style would best to drive progress and inspire employees and able to earn trust for execution of new ideas. This type of leader is not only innovative and inspirational, but also a risk-taker with optimistic, strategic, bold and persistent. In this case of putting out ground-breaking new investment technology, visionary leader is especially helpful to foster confidence among investors and employees.

    For a company preparing for an IPO, a pacesetter leadership style would help to enhance the company’s capabilities to achieve fast results and performance. Pacesetter leader primarily focuses on performance by setting high standards and hold the team members accountable for achieving the goals. This type of leadership is motivational and helpful in fast-paced environments which in this case, is a necessary for the preparation of entering IPO. The company need to build good reputation and performance in short period of time to attract investors. The finance department also need to be prepared for all statutory reports requirements thus leader or CFO with pacesetter leadership style would help set standards in fulfilling the regulatory commitments.