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  • Darmathan Francis Xavier

    January 7, 2022 at 11:46 pm

    Employees from varied origins provide the organisation with innovative new ideas and viewpoints formed by cultural experience, which is an advantage of workplace diversity. Diverse workplaces assist businesses in better understanding their targeted demographic groups and their motivations. It also improves customer satisfaction by allowing staff to connect with a broader range of customers and the general public. However, obstacles such as communication difficulty, cultural misunderstandings, and prejudice exist in a diverse workforce.

    Bias is the inherent predisposition to agree or disagree with an idea, item, organisation, or person. Unconscious or implicit bias is an attitude that is kept unwittingly and impacts how individuals think and feel about others around them.

    Organizations must ensure that they communicate successfully with their workers in order to manage varied environments. Policies, processes, safety measures, and other critical information should be tailored to overcome linguistic and cultural obstacles by translating documents and using visuals and symbols where appropriate. Avoid making assumptions about employees from diverse backgrounds. Instead of attributing activity to the background, evaluate each employee as an individual and perform to judge success or failure. Encourage employees to work in a variety of groups. A varied work team enables people to know and accept themselves as individuals, hence reducing biases and cultural misunderstandings. Standards must be aligned with objective standards. Establish a consistent rule standard that applies to all staff groups, regardless of background. Ensure that all workers, including those subject to disciplinary action, are treated equitably in accordance with these defined criteria.