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  • Siti Hamizah Mohammad

    January 7, 2022 at 10:54 pm

    What a variety of leadership styles, roles, and traits—and all in one interview process! Which interviewer do you think you would work best with? Why do you prefer the leadership styles, roles, and traits they demonstrated?

    From the 3 interviewers, I think I would work best with the CEO. He is the type of leader who supports, inspires, and encourages his employees. He gives freedom in handling tasks, opening the window of creativity and innovation. Also, by encouraging outside-the-box thinking, it is most likely that the company will give birth to creative individuals, who can brainstorm and solve problems via critical thinking, contribute and do more for the company, and even surpasses the expectations that have been set. The fact that he mentioned that he will ensure that every employee had what they needed to succeed showed that he is willing to listen and work alongside his employees.

    What combination of leadership style, role, and trait would be best for the following business situations?

    A company with routine and unskilled job functions.

    Autocratic leadership. This is because the leader has the authority over all decisions, and it will help the company with routine and unskilled job functions. The employees will just have to follow the decisions by the autocratic leader with minimal/no inputs required from the employees.

    A company with dangerous job functions (toxic waste handling or heavy equipment operation).

    Bureaucratic leadership. This is to ensure that the employees strictly follow and adheres to processes. No cheating, or bending rules as it concerns health and safety.

    A company preparing to disrupt an existing market with ground-breaking technology.

    Democratic leadership. The final decision will be from the leader, however, the voices of the employees are heard. Feedbacks, opinions of the employees are being considered, and they were involved every step of the way, especially in technical areas which might not be the expertise of the leaders.

    A company preparing for an IPO.

    For this case, I would opt for a combination of transformational and task-oriented leadership. This is because there is a lot of parties/teams involved in preparing for an IPO, and in this case, transformational leadership is needed to encourage, motivate and inspire their employees to embrace the changes. However, due to the work lined up for an IPO, the task-oriented leader would be able to ensure that the process is smooth and that all that is required to be done got done.