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  • Lim Yeat Fong

    January 5, 2022 at 8:10 am

    This question give me opportunity to learn and more insight to the type of leadership, style and traits. 😇

    Question 1: Which interviewer do you think you would work best with? Why do you prefer the leadership styles, roles, and traits they demonstrated?

    a) VP of Customer Service: She is task Oriented, test candidate how the complete the task

    b) CFO: He is an Autocratic Leader, from nation’s military academy, he focus on how you manage daily list.

    c) CEO: He apply Charismatic Leadership, Charismatic leadership is defined by a leader who uses his or her communication skills, persuasiveness, and charm to influence others. They conquer people by using his charm.

    Question 2: What combination of leadership style, role, and trait would be best for the following business situations?

    a) A company with routine and unskilled job functions. – Transactional leaders use policies and procedures to keep employees on task and in line. Instead of facilitating relationships, transactional leaders motivate employees to do their best with money and benefits.

    b) A company with dangerous job functions (toxic waste handling or heavy equipment operation). – Transactional leaders. when daily routine involve DANGEROUS job functions, keep everything in proper SOP is crucial.

    c) A company preparing to disrupt an existing market with ground-breaking technology. – Democratic leaders is more suitable, they are all about collaboration and the sharing of ideas. They even make decisions based on the input of other staff that may or may not be on the same hierarchal level.

    d) A company preparing for an IPO. – My opinion is the still need to go for Transactional leadership as they use the policies and procedures to keep employees on task and in line, it is because before go for IPO, every detail are important.