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  • Mahalakshmi Pavithra A/P Sukumaran

    January 5, 2022 at 3:57 am

    – The VP of customer service has an authoritarian leadership style. She described the events in the interview, indicating that she believes in completing the work and responding appropriately in the conditions faced by the staff.

    – The CFO’s leadership style is authoritarian, where he likes to keep his employees under control so they can behave under his authority. He will gladly instruct you and expect you to do the chores as he directs and within the time frame he assigns.

    – The CEO of the firm has a democratic leadership style where he helps people reach their objectives while the organization’s goals are attained.

    – I’d want to work with the company’s CEO, who is both democratic and participatory. He would not only assist me achieve my objectives but also train me while working alongside me. He would be a good guide for me based on his expertise and position.

    A company with routine and unskilled job functions.

    Leadership Style: Autocratic

    Role: Assigning and monitoring tasks

    Trait: should be strict with the rules and regulations

    Explanations: Routine and unskilled jobs functions are highly task-oriented and must be done in the same way for a long period. Thus, autocratic leadership would be the greatest fit in this case, since it involves individual authority over all choices and limited input from group members.

    A company with dangerous job functions (toxic waste handling or heavy equipment operation).

    Leadership Style: Coaching

    Role: Explaining the ways to handle dangerous jobs and provide training to the employees’ while being on the job

    Trait: Should have good communication and teaching aptitude

    Explanations: When the work is risky, the leader must assist the employees to do their jobs properly, therefore the coaching style of leadership is suitable.

    – A company preparing to disrupt an existing market with ground-breaking technology
    Leadership Style: Democratic

    Role: Directing employees for market research and bringing in the creative ideas associated with the technology

    Trait: Should be motivating, creative, and innovative

    Explanations: An organisation trying to disrupt an established market with cutting-edge technology needs to collect as many employee suggestions as possible. Thus, democratic leaders allow workers to innovate freely.

    – A company preparing for an IPO.

    Leadership Style:

    Role: Should analyze the market and formulate the strategy so as to adjust as per the trends in the market

    Trait: Should have skills to infer the situation. Should have forecasting skills

    Explanations: A company preparing for an IPO should have a democratic leader since they are fresh to the market and must adjust their goods at different phases. These companies’ staff should be imaginative and creative in their work. A democratic leader may enable workers to be innovative in their work.