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  • Mahalakshmi Pavithra A/P Sukumaran

    January 5, 2022 at 2:57 am

    Benefits having a diverse workplace includes:

    – Helps the company innovate by bringing in new skill sets.

    – Enhance customer service by top performers who help the firm achieve its goals.

    – Exposes workers and consumers to other cultures and beliefs.

    Challenges having a diverse workplace includes:

    – People with various personalities don’t always get along.

    – Disagreements in viewpoint lead to disputes that adversely impact work force diversity.

    – Workplace discrimination

    – Higher risk of failure due to limited knowledge of possible solutions.

    Though we should strive to be as fair in judgment as possible, the reality is that we all have biases that affect our judgments. Managers are certainly no exception to this rule, and a number of common biases affect how they evaluate their employees. Steps to promote an inclusive association and ways to assure its upkeep and improvement are as per the following:

    1- Workforce Diversity Assessment

    The company must submit a survey of employee satisfaction that was conducted with consideration for the diverse composition of the population. This will provide management with insight into the aspirations and challenges that representatives confront in an organisation.

    2- Creating an inclusive workforce strategy

    The company must develop strategies and goals that are inclusive of all employees.

    3- Training in Sensitivity

    Employees must be sensitive to one another’s characteristics, interests, social and societal foundations. This will boost confidence, allowing them to cohabit peacefully with one another by promoting mutual respect.

    This way, the company can cultivate and strengthen an inclusive association.