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  • Yee Mei, Rachel Chan

    January 4, 2022 at 9:38 pm

    As every individual is different, a diversified and multicultural organization is benefiting the organization with employees of different generations, different background and cultures. They can contribute and achieve their fullest potential for the benefit of both themselves and the organization. In more benefit details such as higher creativity in decision making, better understanding and service of customers, more satisfied workforce, higher stock price, higher company performance, and others.

    As Baby boomers are all white males, there could be discrimination and bias towards Generation X and Millennials as these workers are from foreign countries, different colour and women. There should be change in communication and work style approach as Millennial prefer texting over phone call and informal work attire. They have a relaxed attitude on working hours and place less priority on when to complete the job. Thus, organization should take advantage by creating more flexibility and choice in where and when we work for young workers. Organization need to be lean, agile and adaptable.

    For Generation X, they need work/life balance and value flexibility. With this understanding, the organization need to have non-work activities to create work/life balance environment to the employees and provide work from home in order to allow them to care and spend quality time with their families.

    To avoid conflict, encourage mentoring relationships will help. Baby boomers, Generation X and Millennials will benefit from this mentoring to foster a stronger workplace culture build on solid relationships and shared values.

    Activities like team building, projects with teams of people possessing various levels of expertise will be useful also.