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  • Bachevinder Singh A/L Param Singh @ Bob

    January 4, 2022 at 8:17 pm

    WOW Stefanie. Really good sharing and it is real.

    Yes sometimes we need to voice out if the situation is bringing it more worst. Personally, me myself will tell my colleagues if anything that I am not satisfied with them so that we can have a cup of tea to discuss about the issue and bring it to the right authority. By this, I believe we can create a more harmony working environment without keeping any grudge towards them. That why I believe actions speak louder than words because if we did not act on that particular things or discomfort, then it will become more worst although we keep on telling among our teams and did not bring this up to the correct people in that particular organizations.

    Anyways, really proud of the actions taken by you and your team.