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  • Vigneswary Ponniah

    January 4, 2022 at 3:18 pm

    Diverse and inclusive team members plays a vital role in a workplace.
    An organization that gives importance to diversity employees and able to provide inclusive environment that provide equal rights and opportunities for all employees regardless of age, gender, ethnicity , physical abilities and sexual orientation.

    Benefits of workplace diversity and inclusion

    1) Productivity-A team with diverse team members allows for enriched ideas and processes. Employees with wider range of skills experiences and perspectives allows employees for increase in productivity and provide better business to clients.

    2) Creativity-Diverse team members allows inputs for different perspectives , way of handling problems and decision making process

    3) Cultural Awareness- A range of cultures within an organization allows companies to deal with in global marketplace. This could lead to attracting clients from diverse range.

    4) Positive Reputation-Workplace with diverse workplace have better reputation in the market as employers is tolerant and practice inclusion who treats their employees fairly.

    5) Marketing Opportunities-If potential employees or customers see that a company represents diverse workplace, these eventually promotes positive reputation, increases marketplace awareness and generates diverse client pool.

    There are ways we can implement unconscious bias in workplaces.

    1) Creating awareness
    There is always biases in the workplace without us noticing it.
    Employees and employers need to understand the unraveling unconscious bias , assess which biases are likely to affect you and the organization.

    2) Modernize approach to hiring
    Constantly review and rework on the job descriptions as some statements in job description might cause a certain people to withdraw the applications. Employers may consider giving candidate sample assignments to judge the contributions and experience of candidates.
    Interview process should be standardized which evaluate candidates from all prospective to prevent bad hiring decisions.

    3) Set up D&I Goals

    Set goals that holds all employees accountable and allows all employees to speak up on the actions that may cause biases.

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