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  • Bachevinder Singh A/L Param Singh @ Bob

    January 3, 2022 at 10:15 pm

    I believe everyone had faced a conflict with another person no matter in daily live, work or neither in university include myself. First, we need to create the right context for the discussion that is related about the conflicts and not other matter and on the same time we need to get all the individuals to participate in that session (without anyone being missed out). This is important as everyone can voice out their opinion and dissatisfactions related to that conflicts. Focus on Solving Problems means how would we address the problems in a manner that would show the person that I am indeed there to help to find solutions to the problem, not berate them. I would identify the issue and give him or her the opportunity to explain where they believe it stems from. From there, we could work together to find an appropriate solution. Focus on the Feedback on Behavior or Results, not on the Person. We are human and sometimes when we are upset over a situation, we say things out of frustration. It is important to directly state the issue and not attack the person’s character. Minimize Criticism would focus on the current issue and not bring up past offenses or other poor performance. I would speak directly about the issue, and through open communication and on the same time find a suitable solution which could brings a win-win situation for everyone. It’s better for us to confront with the conflicts directly when we faced it instead of keeping it for few days before it become more worst so that misunderstanding will not arise.

    Kindly watch this useful video which will bring us a better understanding: