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  • Jaya Bharat Chebrolu

    January 3, 2022 at 7:39 pm

    How do you define research design?

    Research design is the framework of research methods and techniques chosen by a researcher. The design allows researchers to hone in on research methods that are suitable for the subject matter and set up their studies up for success.

    The design of a research topic explains the type of research (experimental, survey research, correlational, semi-experimental, review) and also its sub-type (experimental design, research problem, descriptive case-study).
    There are three main types of designs for research: Data collection, measurement, and analysis.

    The type of research problem an organization is facing will determine the research design and not vice-versa.

    The design phase of a study determines which tools to use and how they are used.

    An impactful research usually creates a minimum bias in data and increases trust in the accuracy of collected data. A design that produces the least margin of error in experimental research is generally considered the desired outcome. a)The essential elements are:
    b)Accurate purpose statement
    c)Techniques to be implemented for collecting and analyzing research
    d)The method applied for analyzing collected details
    e)Type of research methodology
    f)Probable objections for research
    h)Settings for the research study
    I)Timeline and Measurement of analysis.
    There are four key characteristics:


    When you set up your study, you may have to make assumptions about the data you expect to collect. The results projected in the research should be free from bias and neutral. Understand opinions about the final evaluated scores and conclusions from multiple individuals and consider those who agree with the derived results.


    With regularly conducted research, the researcher involved expects similar results every time. Your design should indicate how to form research questions to ensure the standard of results. You’ll only be able to reach the expected results if your design is reliable.


    There are multiple measuring tools available. However, the only correct measuring tools are those which help a researcher in gauging results according to the objective of the research. The questionnaire developed from this design will then be valid.


    The outcome of your design should apply to a population and not just a restricted sample. A generalized design implies that your survey can be conducted on any part of a population with similar accuracy.

    The above factors affect the way respondents answer the research questions and so all the above characteristics should be balanced in a good design.