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  • Pub Hon Low

    January 3, 2022 at 9:42 am

    For the interviews, I will work best with the CFO, who has held a semi-structure interview, with open-ended questions and topics. By going through the interview, I can show my true characteristic and strengths other than my professionalism.

    The leadership styles is very collaborative and the CEO is a good communicator. He shared his role and vision in the company and also, he take his employee as an asset of the company and value them by saying “if you were hired, he would be working for you”.

    For below situation:

    A company with routine and unskilled job functions.

    Pacesetting and Coaching styles. A driven leader will push their employees to achieve better performance and also provide the feedback and coaching for the team.

    A company with dangerous job functions (toxic waste handling or heavy equipment operation).

    Autocratic and Affiliative styles. Due to the nature of the jobs, the leader need to be a commander of the team so that the employees can strictly follow the rules and regulation. The leaders also need to ensure the safety of his/her employees by taking “people come first” concept.

    A company preparing to disrupt an existing market with ground-breaking technology.

    Laissez-Faire and Coaching styles. With involvement of the people into the decision making process, employees are motivated. Giving the coaching to the team also empowered them for better performance.

    A company preparing for an IPO.

    Collaborative and Coaching style. Leaders have to be collaborative with the team when facing the challengers of the market. They also need to be agile and innovative to adapt the rapid changes of the stock market.