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  • Pub Hon Low

    January 3, 2022 at 9:36 am

    I would chose to implement the mix of both matrix, which is a shared centralized HR department combined with other relatively independent localized HR functions. It will helps to re-form the new team and also minimize the impact of the changes.

    The steps that I would used is by Kotter’s Change Management Theory.

    The data and information needed will be listed as following:

    1. Current HR structure and organization staff size

    2. Percentage of HR staff in supervisory role

    3. Average annual turnover rate of the organization


    1. Create urgency – identify the threat, get support from the management as well as the other stakeholders.

    2. For a powerful coalition – form a suitable team, identify a leader to lead for the change.

    3. Create a vision for change – determine value and create a strategy to implement the vision.

    4. Communicate the vision – cascade the information to the members and act as a role model for the change.

    5. Remove obstacles – remove barriers by helping people who are resisting and reward those who are making the change happen

    6. Create short-term wins – divide goal into short-term projects

    7. Build on the change – analyzing for improvement, use “kaizen” idea for continuous improvement.

    8. Anchor the changes in corporate culture – make the change become part of the core of the organization culture.