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  • Kubendren Kathiravaloo

    January 1, 2022 at 2:57 pm

    What steps would you follow and what information would you collect to ensure sound data-driven decisions?

    The data that will be collected is the information of the structural variables of the organization and the cultural variables of the organization.

    Structural Variables are organization structure, abundant resources, work, and non-work support. Organizational structure is the study of the current hierarchy of authority, division of Labour, span of control, functional structure, divisional structure, matrix structure, team-based structure, network structure, roles and responsible of the staff. From here, we able to identify the abundant resources and design strategic organization structure which reduce cost, increase domestic and international competition.

    Cultural variables also need to be study how the resources able to adapt to culture and work as team to support the operations.

    Describe how you would implement the following?

    The implementation of the Change should under go based on Change Management and Innovation Process. A System Model of Change can be used to change the process within the organization(Steward,2006).The model consist of 4 steps which is Input, Strategic Plans, Target Element of Change and Outputs.


    It study the current organization structure and identify the areas that can be improved. From these scenario, we have identify that centralization of Finance and HR should be centralized and de-centralization for certain team for benefit and efficiency of the organization. The feasibility study is made on the impact, risk, time taken to achieve, approval from higher management, the expected outcome and company growth after implementation. A change leader will be assigned to take responsible on change within the organization and to do these feasibility study. The Change leader will have good relation to all the staff involve and help the realize they need to have change in existing behaviors as the current process is not effective.

    Strategic Plan

    Plan the new organization structure that need to be implemented. It includes the plan on new process, job designed, new roles and responsibility, career plan, technology update, knowledge transfers and others. At these stage, all the target people should be communicate with the change and feedback from them is accepted and review. The plan should be win-win situation between the staff and organization. It should carried out smoothly without effect any interruption to current operation to avoid business lost. The Change Leader plan the implementation stages by prioritized changes task and people.

    Target element of Change

    The new policy, procedures, structure and compensation has been approved and new policy been communicated to all the employers in company. The physical work environment has re-organize to support the current centralization and de-centralization of the team. The Change Leader need to make sure the new changes has been implemented based on the plan and it has been stabilize.


    The output is review to measure the success of these transformation. It is measure through staff satisfaction, increase in productivity, knowledge management, organization performance.


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