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  • Karen Xaviour

    December 30, 2021 at 1:17 pm

    Reasons why videotaping can help to evaluate the interviewer:

    • Many companies collect the applicant’s feedback after the interview and there can be inconsistencies in their interview experience and the interviewers feedback. This is why a videotape of the interview can be useful to evaluate it objectively.
    • The behavior of the interviewer does influence the applicant at the start, the manner in which an interviewer gets the best out of the applicant can be evaluated using a videotape.
    • The videotape can also show if the questions asked are appropriate and relevant to the interview.
    • If the interviewer shows some kind of bias in the selection of candidates, the videotape can provide evidence in that case.
    • The pattern of selection of candidates by the interviewer can be evaluated in a videotape.
    • This might be relevant at times when the HR determines if they fit the organizational culture or not.

    What to look in an interviewer while evaluating an interview that was videotaped:

    • The behavior of the interviewer during the interview and how it affects the candidate.
    • The types of questions asked by the interviewer if they are relevant to the job or not.
    • Look for consistency during interview by cross-checking the feedback of the applicant and the interviewer.
    • Notice any bias shown by the interviewer on certain candidates.
    • Determine if the interviewer has examined all attributes that the organization is looking for in a candidate.